Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boy awakes from coma addicted to cheese and Cussing

England -
A 15-year-old from Chesterfield has awoken from a nine-day coma swearing prolifically and eating whole wheels of cheese.
Doctors were forced to put Kai Thomas in a coma while he recovered from a brain bleed last year, and though he eventually regained the ability to move and speak he was left with two bizarre side effects (also ones I experience from time to time when drunk).
"He's addicted to cheese and he can't stop swearing," his mum Tracey told the Daily Mail.
She first noticed his penchant for dairy and profanity when his speech started to come back.
"One day I was in the kitchen, when I heard Kai yelling in his bedroom," she added.
"He was screaming 'F*ck, bastard, sh*t'. I wondered what on earth was going on - the expletives were coming thick and fast."
She headed upstairs and hound her son chowing down on a wheel of cheese. She's since noticed more of it going missing from the fridge.
"He had always like cheese but now he was obsessed with it - he even added it to his cereal," Mrs Thomas said.
"We asked the doctor about it and apparently it's quite normal for people to develop inappropriate or aggressive behaviour after waking up from a coma.
"So while that explained the swearing, no one can explain the cheese."
He's now undergoing therapy and his condition is gradually improving.
Kai is lucky to have his health, though the Daily Mail remains disturbed by his potty mouth, noting that he apparently previously used to be 'mild-mannered'.
'There can be physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems as a result of a head injury," said a spokesperson from Headway, the brain injury charity. "No two cases are the same."

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