Saturday, June 04, 2016


This fast-food Mc-lovin' couple celebrated tying the knot with a very happy meal...a wedding breakfast at McDonald's. Joseph Shapton, 34, and his new wife Louise, invited 30 guests to one of the restaurants in Hertfordshire. Louise said: "We chose McDonald's because my little daughter told me to. I asked my daughter, who's three-years-old, what she would like at the wedding and she asked to come to McDonald's so I made her wish come true. "I always wanted a McDonald's party as a child and I never got one so I thought I do my own one. We've brought the family along, it's a special occasion and I really enjoy the food." Louise's sister even created an amazing wedding cake, designed to look like a Maccy Ds burger.

Man sets fire to Voodoo Wife

A Connecticut man accused of murdering his wife and setting their apartment on fire told police he thought his wife was casting voodoo spells on him. Officials responding to an apartment fire in Norwich on Thursday found Margarette Mady unresponsive with several stab wounds and burns. Mady was eight months pregnant at the time; she was pronounced dead at the scene. Thirty-nine-year-old Patrick Antoine turned himself in to police shortly after officials discovered the scene. Police say he admitted to stabbing his wife after an argument and then setting the curtains of their apartment on fire. According to police documents, Antoine said he believed his wife was a voodoo priestess who intended to sacrifice him; he also said he didn't think Mady was carrying his child. Antoine was arraigned in court Friday on murder and arson charges. Mady was carrying her third child when she was killed. No other residents at the apartment complex were injured by the blaze.