Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Naked swimmer defies police

Japanese police have detained a Spanish tourist who swam naked in the moat around the Imperial Palace in the heart of the capital Tokyo. The middle-aged man jumped into the water, climbed the palace wall and splashed water at police who tried to catch him from a rowing boat.

The man then charged at police with a pole and rock while a huge crowd including journalists watched. After a chase that lasted two hours the police eventually seized the man.

Police say that it is unclear what his motives are and they believe that he may be mentally unstable, Reuters news agency reports. Local media say that he claims to have dropped a bag in the water which included his passport.

The palace is one of Japan's most sacrosanct sites and is home to their emperor and empress who are respected by the public. Most of the palace is strictly off limits but the area outside is popular with tourists and residents who can walk freely around the moat.

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