Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Urinate here signs

“A PRANKSTER has put up signs on walls across Nottingham telling people they can publicly urinate in the street after 7.30pm.

The signs, which show a male toilet logo, have an accompanying letter headed with the Nottingham City Council logo, claiming the measures have been brought in over the holiday period to “address the growing problem of householders having to clean up after late night revellers.”

They have appeared in the city centre, including at the back of the Royal Concert Centre, at the bottom of Exchange Walk, as well as Radford, West Bridgford and Arnold.

Stunned Radford resident Jake Higgs took photos which clearly show the public have taken them as legitimate signs.

“There are quite a lot of them. I thought it could be genuine when I first saw them,” said Mr Higgs, 29.

“I took a closer look and there was a laminated letter attached in the same style as when the council notifies the public about planning permission. I read that and it made it out that it was a trial scheme. I think it was someone having a Christmas joke.”

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