Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Korean Soccer fans are Chinese actors

The paranoia of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il seems to know no bounds. Case in point – in Brazil’s 2-1 win over North Korea today, ESPN analyst Martin Tyler made a rather odd observation.

Tyler claimed that a group that appeared to be North Koreans, weren’t actually North Koreans, but rather “handpicked Chinese Actors.” Reports have said these “fans” were Chinese actors, acting on behalf of China as a way to support its long-time ally. Roughly 1,000 Chinese citizens, “including musicians and actors, to cheer for the North Koreans,” the report said.

They were conspicuously missing from the North Koreans match against Nigeria last Sunday. But they made it to today’s match.

One can only speculate why the North Koreans have to borrow fans, but can the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il really be so paranoid not to allow any real North Korean to come and support their own athletics teams, fearing they might want to move to South Africa?

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