Monday, February 20, 2012

Driver jailed for using bus 'as weapon'

A bus driver who used his bus like a 'weapon' to knock a cyclist to the ground has been jailed for 17 months, a court official said. Gavin Hill was shown on CCTV in an exchange with cyclist Phillip Mead before he lurched the bus sharply into the cyclist's path, throwing him from his bike

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Anonymous said...

Last Wed (7/23) @ 3:00pm, I witnessed a white PT Cruiser 6ACM597, come to a partial stop on Bayside rd @ Buttermilk Ln., look at a bicyclist, heading West on Buttermilk @ aprox 17mph. The driver of the PT Cuiser then proceded to make a left turn onto Buttermilk, immediately in front of the bicyclist. I was driving behind the bicycle at a safe distance as the bicyclist was able to slow and swerve to avoid collision with the vehicle.

As a former CHP officer and motorcycle rider, I would like to point out that whether a person is on a bicycle, motorcycle, even running or walking on foot, motorists must obey all traffic laws, come to a complete stop at stop signs, signal intention to turn and procede to do so ONLY when ANY ONCOMING TRAFFIC has passed!

One again, riders and drivers beware: White PT Cruiser 6ACM597