Friday, April 28, 2006

Keys save have- a- go hero

A brave shopper shot at by an armed robber has been saved by his front door key.

Brian Woodham, 64, refused to back down when a balaclava-clad man pointed a gun at him during a cash raid at the Asda supermarket in Ashford, Kent, on Wednesday.

He was shot at twice but the bullet pinged off the set of keys in his trouser pocket.

Mr Woodham told The Sun: "He pointed it at my waist and fired. I felt a blast on my leg, like I'd been smacked.

"I picked up a rock and tried to hit him, then heard the gun go off again. It hit the same leg but this time really hurt.

"I saw two of my front door keys were bent by about 45 degrees. They were in my jeans pocket and it looks like they saved me. A bullet-head was embedded in the lining."

Police believe three men were involved in the armed robbery at around 9.20am.

Two of the men, each armed with handguns and wearing fluorescent jackets, confronted and threatened two Securitas staff as they refilled a cash machine.

The robbers then grabbed a holdall containing what was believed to be several thousand pounds in cash.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Kofkin said: "The actions of the member of the public who intervened was extremely brave but these robbers are armed and dangerous and should not be approached."

An Asda spokeswoman said: "We are very shocked by what's happened and we have offered counselling to a customer and our own colleagues that were involved in the incident."

She added that Asda had given Mr Woodham a £200 voucher because his clothes had been damaged by the shooting.

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