Friday, April 28, 2006

That's some over !

It was an over Jonathan Hughes will always remember – and one Craig Hobson will always try to forget.
In only his second knock for North Leeds, Hughes, a 29-year-old right-hander from Cookridge, Leeds, smashed six sixes, a four and a two off an over from Hall Park medium-pace bowler Craig Hobson, 41, which included two no-balls, in the Airedale and Wharfedale League's Waddilove Cup.
He totalled 42 for the over and the two no-balls brought his team an extra two runs, making 44 in all.
A delighted Hughes, who smashed his way to an unbeaten 126 at The Homestead ground in Roundhay, said: "The first three balls went for six but I didn't realise the first was a no-ball. The scoreboard then showed I was on 98 so I pushed the next delivery, which was also a no-ball, to midwicket for two to reach my hundred. That left four balls to go and the next three went for six and the last for a four. It seemed to take forever because of the time spent looking for the ball."
But spare a thought for Hobson, whose anguish was made complete by one of his colleagues dropping Hughes on the first ball of the over as it just carried over the boundary rope.
"It's the kind of record you don't want. I wanted the ground to open up but you've just got to carry on with the game and put it behind you," he said.
As for playing this weekend, he added: "If selected, but bowling is a no-no. I think I'll just bat."


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Cricket is simple .. there are 2 teams ,one team is in , the other is out,the team that's out tries to bowl the team that's in ,out.when all 11 players in the team that's in are out , the team that's out goes in.... this can last up to 5 days. ( the game as well as this explanation)