Saturday, July 17, 2004

Check -out worker mugs herself !

Check -out worker mugs herself !

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German supermarket check-out worker stashed the day's takings into her shoes and hit herself over the head, pretending she had been held up and attacked by a robber, Bavarian police said on Thursday.
The 26 year-old woman told police she was alone in the south German store when a masked man forced her at gun-point to fill his pockets and several bags with money from the shop's cash box before knocking her unconscious with a blow to her head.
Police became suspicious after medical examinations revealed the woman's head injury didn't match up to her description of the attack. The woman then confessed she had hit herself on the head with a blunt object and stolen the money to pay off debts.

Halle's stunt double is a man

Halle Berry's stunt double in Catwoman is a man.
Nito Larioza wore red lipstick and a catsuit for the role, says the News of the World.
The Hawaiian-born martial arts expert is the same height and has has the same skin colour as Berry.
The 29-year-old said: "The scenes are shot so fast you can't tell.
"But a lot of boys feasting their eyes on Halle's sexy costume are gonna flip when they realise they got steamy about a bloke in a girl's costume."

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Man eats thousands of dollars

Some people put their money where their mouth is -- cops say Johnny Chilito put his money where his stomach is.
Chilito tried to board a flight from Colombia to Peru when officials noticed him acting nervously.
They X-rayed him and found $48,000 in US currency, sealed in 80 latex packets, in his stomach. They have charged him with money laundering

Clown proposal

A clown popped the question in a big top when he surprised his girlfriend in front of astonished circus-goers.
Nicol-the-clown swept into the circus with an engagement ring and was delighted when hula-hooping sweetheart Jana Roberts said "yes".
The 21-year-old Spanish funnyman dropped into the arena as world champion Miss Roberts, also 21, was half way through her hula-hooping routine at Roberts Brothers' Circus, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Flaming mess

Saturday July 17,

Fire eater Beth Guzdek may want to change careers. Performing at a party in Royal Oak, Michigan, she had just put flammable liquid in her mouth, held a flame to it and began to breath fire when she burst into flames, badly burning her face and torso.
"Don't play with fire. That's the short of it." said paramedic Scott Gardner who took her to hospital.

Hair raising ??

A man with a hair fetish has been arrested for creeping up on little girls visiting cemeteries with their families and cutting off their ponytails.
When police searched the home of Michael Sterkins, 51, of Gray, Louisiana, they found one of the ponytails placed neatly under a Bible at the side of his bed.

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