Wednesday, July 21, 2004

No "big Willy style" for US

No "big Willy style" for US

US fans of Will Smith have been denied a chance to see the star at his most exposed.
The Hollywood actor bares all in a shower scene in the new sci-fi adventure film I, Robot - but the details are pixelated out for the U.S. market.
They will appear in European cinemas.
Says a disappointed Smith: 'America is the only place where it's really a big deal. It was the most expensive shot in the movie.'

Butlers in the Buff

A company that supplies naked butlers for parties and corporate functions says the business is proving very popular.
Butlers in the Buff was started by Pete Trainor and Jason Didcott after they saw a similar operation in Florida.
What began as a two-man business now has 20 guys on the books.
Pete says his butlers are not strippers and don't get involved in anything of a sexual nature.
He also says as well as hen nights and company events, Butlers in the Buff takes bookings from single women who just want someone with a twist to do their cleaning, washing and DIY.
"It's pure tongue-in-cheek fun," added Mr Trainor, who said his butlers are fully booked until the end of September.
The butlers can be hired from as little as Ā£45 an hour for the first two hours. After that it's Ā£40 an hour for every subsequent hour.
Butlers in the Buff can also supply a full waiting staff for larger events - and will even clean up afterwards.

Fire Brigade called out to free kinky sex slave

A couple playing a kinky sex game had to call out the fire service when a dominatrix lost the keys to her handcuffs.
The unidentified man and woman from Linz, Austria called emergency services to explain the embarrassing situation.
They had spent hours searching for the lost key when attempts to force the shackles failed.
The man, who had been chained to a bed by the dominatrix during a sex session, was set free by the firemen with the aid of a bolt cutter, local media reported.

In advertising, the Scots are hot

It's hard not to notice how many television commercials have Scottish characters in them these days. From the guy who gets perturbed at bar patrons who don't treat Keith's beer with respect to the impossibly small spokesman for Kellogg's to the tight-fisted uncle in the Money Mart spots, the Scots are currently the most overrepresented minority in TV advertising.

Don't mistreat this beer or a surly Scot will yell at you (Photo Robin Rowland) It's hard not to notice these characters for one simple reason: they yell a lot. In fact, they behave exactly as non-Scottish people expect the Scottish to behave: they're quick to anger and slow to spend money. They're stereotypes, in other words. so reports CBC News
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