Thursday, July 22, 2004

Police raid summer camp for thieves

Police raid summer camp for thieves

Russian police have raised a summer camp over allegations it was bring run as a school for thieves.
Teenagers attending the summer day camp on the Far East island of Sakhalin have been sent home after it was found they were being trained as criminals.
In a real-life version of Oliver Twist, the youngsters were being given lessons including insights into the hierarchy of the robbery underworld and how to behave if arrested.
Police stormed the summer camp after an anonymous caller alerted them to the large number of teenagers who had gathered on the banks of the Kamenka River.
The camp was fully equipped with its own field kitchen and electricity generators.
At least 30 teenagers and two "trainers" were caught, and officers recovered a number of hand-written manuals with detailed instructions and methods for robbery.
According to Russian news agency Novosti, no arrests were made but police are now investigating the possibility of other such camps in the area.

Red wine - good for the breasts

Red wine is the latest craze in the beauty salons of Buenos Aires where it's said to tighten the stomach and firm the breasts.
Creams made with red wine or even a glass of pure wine are applied directly to the person's skin.
Wine therapy expert Diego Barberan told Las Ultimas Noticias: "After cleansing, the skin receives a special wine mask that is rich in vitamin E.
"It brings firmness and nutrition to the skin, making it healthy and elastic."
Beauty clinics all over Buenos Aires are reporting a huge increase in women asking for wine therapy.
Wine therapy fanatic Marcy Andres said: "It is fantastic. It does what it promises. I can say with no fear that I am addicted!"

Horse flavoured ice cream?

Japanese ice-cream lovers have swapped traditional flavours such as raspberry ripple for something a little more exotic - horse-flesh.
As Tokyo swelters in soaring temperatures, people are being invited to cool off by choosing from a variety of unusual flavours.
Garlic, potato and lettuce, and cactus and seaweed along with raw horse-flesh are now available in Japan's shops.
Adventurous ice cream lovers not tempted by those flavours could try soybean and kelp or strawberry and spinach.
The new flavours are being promoted by the Japan Ice-Cream Association which has set up a summer trade fair.
It hopes to boost the popularity of ice cream during the current heatwave as, although the Japanese spent more than Ā£1.5bn on ice-cream and sorbets last year, the country ranks only 19th in world consumption.

'Officer? My cannabis has been stolen'

An Australian man who called police after his marijuana plants were stolen is to escape charges.
Police said the man, from Adelaide, was not charged because there was no longer any evidence.
He reported the theft after the offenders stole two plants after smashing a window of the house.
Police believe the premises were targeted solely because of the presence of the plants.
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