Monday, July 19, 2004

pub bans beer bird

pub bans beer bird

A magpie with a taste for beer has been banned from a pub in West Yorkshire.
The bird used to be a regular at the King's Arms in Heath Common, Wakefield.
But customers became fed up as the cheeky bird went after their pints, says the Daily Mail.
Now the magpie has had his supply of beer cut off by landlord Alan Tate who keeps his front door firmly shut.
Barman Alex Fletcher said: "He would hop around the pub and the regulars loved it. But the novelty has worn off. People got annoyed at his head constantly stuck in their beer."

Singing Japanese plants

TOKYO (Reuters) - People who like talking to their plants can now enjoy a musical accompaniment, thanks to a Japanese invention that turns petals and leaves into amplifiers.

Called the "Flower Speaker Amplifiers", the gadget made by Let's Corp is hidden in a vase or a potted plant and sends music at just the right frequency to vibrate up the stems and then be converted into audible sound by the plant as a whole.

A device such as a CD player or radio can be connected to it.

"Anywhere where you would want music naturally integrated with a natural surrounding," said Hirohiko Okugawa, a manager at Let's, referring to locations for the device, which he expects it to be popular for hotels and hospital lobbies.

The inventor of the gadget, Keiji Koga, said: "We are finally able to experience plants and flowers with all five of our natural senses."

The firm expects to begin selling the speakers by mid-August for 5,000 yen (24.8 pounds) to 50,000 yen depending on the plant's size.

And according to Koga, music is also good for the plants, which are invigorated by the constant musical vibes.
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