Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bad Parenting Pt. IV

A 1-month-old baby was checked and cleared by a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend after being put through an airport X-ray machine.

Authorities at Los Angeles International Airport said an inexperienced traveler mistakenly put her grandson through a carry-on luggage screener.

A spokesman for LAX said the incident Saturday was an innocent mistake.

In 1988, an infant in a car seat went through an X-ray machine at the airport.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to be sure.... Nowadays an infant would be the perfect suspect... did it hurt the child??

Without insult to mothers, (I am one), I say we have a separate line that checks all children and strollers, car seats.. They should staff it so that it goes smoothly and try to add some sort of amusement for it for the kids.

If I am to travel on a plane, with a child and extra luggage, check me... I don't care... but please check everyone flying with me (for my childs sake).

dom said...

There should also be a separate line for escaped convicts wearing veils.