Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's a wrap !

THEY have been stolen and vandalised since landing at the top of Leith Walk ten years ago.

But now someone has taken pity on Edinburgh's celebrated flock of over-sized bronze pigeons.
A mysterious "good Samaritan" has spread some Christmas cheer by dressing the popular sculptures in little winter coats to keep the December chill off.

The pigeon-fancier struck under the cover of darkness to give the statues - and passers-by - an early Christmas treat.

People working in shops in Elm Row were surprised and amused to see the pigeons snugly wrapped in white winter coats.

The joker behind the stunt took enough time and care to attach the bird's jackets - which were made out of thick, white blankets - with plastic ties.

The blankets were carefully knotted at the back to ensure they did not blow away.

The blankets were spotted on Friday morning, but have since disappeared. Disappointed shop workers hope the pigeons' mysterious benefactor or whoever stole the coats will warm the pigeons up again.

Denise Davidson, 42, who works at Dofos Pet Centre, said: "It's such a shame because the pigeons are part of the area now and people really like them.

"I think the coats should be brought back. We don't have any Christmas decorations down here so this was good to have.

"It's really nice when someone makes an effort to do something for other people's benefit."


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the guy took the blankets/coats to a homeless shelter... shame when you see an idiot clothing a statue when it could be warming a body.

Spend your money on children--- dumbass-- (is my humble opinion)

dom said...

It was probably the homeless that nicked the blankies overnight