Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The term "lighting up" a smoke could take on a whole new meaning with the development of an electronic cigarette. The latest craze in the UK, the battery-powered cigarette may be the answer to indoor smoking bans.

Smokers still get their nicotine kick through an atomiser, which creates puffs of vapour to resemble cigarette smoke. The e-cigarette can be bought over the internet and is widely available throughout Europe.

Chinese exporter Ruyan claims it is not only a nicotine replacement - it is a smoking alternative.

"The e-cigarette is a hi-tech product developed by Ruyan to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking," the company's website says.

"It has no tar, no carbon monoxide and no cancer-causing chemicals."

The cigarette can last up to 350 drags - the equivalent of 30 smokes - and lights up red at the tip.

It comes in varying strengths - from 16mg to 0mg - for smokers trying to kick the habit.

But the device isn't cheap - a starter pack costs $358.

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dennis said...

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