Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blind drunk

Trading standards officers have warned people not to buy "dangerous" illegal vodka being sold in the Flintshire area, Wales.

The "Kremlin" vodka contains up to 16 times the permitted amount of methanol and could lead to blindness if drunk.

Flintshire council trading standards said the vodka had been circulating in north west England but several empty bottles had been found on Deeside.

Officers warned people to seek medical advice if they have drunk the vodka. An investigation is under way into where the vodka has been produced.

Trading standards officers warned consumption of the vodka could lead to abdominal pain, drowsiness, dizziness and even blindness.

Council trading standards manager Ron Hughes said: "We haven't found the vodka in Flintshire but we have found some empty bottles in the Flintshire area.

"It could have been manufactured anywhere - it is labelled as Russian but that's probably incorrect. It's being sold on the black market but it is possible that it may be found on licensed premises. If anyone comes across the vodka, we would ask them to ensure it's not consumed and to notify trading standards. If it's consumed, people should seek medical advice and go to their doctor."

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