Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oops we did it again !

Congestion charge chiefs in London have apologised twice for wrongly sending a Powys man 65 bills.

Earlier this month, David Timothy, 47, from Brecon, received 31 penalty notices even though he had not been to London for 25 years.

But a day after receiving a written apology from Transport for London (TFL), which enforces the charge, he was sent another 34 bills.

TFL apologised again, blaming the second blunder on a "processing error".

Royal Mail worker Mr Timothy was originally sent bills adding up to £2,480, which would have risen to more than £4,000 had they remained unpaid.

He said he had only owned the car identified in the bills for a year, but the 31 congestion charge notices dated back to a five-month period in 2004.


yellowdog granny said...

ahh our government money at work

dom said...

This is actually what used to be The Greater London Council (GLC) run by Mayor Ken Livingstone. They're gonna start charging you for farting next.