Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Elephant legged woman pissed off

London: A woman suffering from a rare condition that dramatically increases the size of her legs and feet has told of how she is teased by strangers.

Mandy Sellars, who weighs 16-stone, is one of only around 120 people in the world with Proteus Syndrome, which has left her with a size 12 top half, but her legs are 35 inches in circumference. Mandy told ITV's This Morning show: "Adults can be very hurtful. In a restaurant one blurted out "look at the size of those feet""I don't mind children staring, but adults should know better."

Proteus Syndrome leaves its victims with atypical growth of the bones, skin and head.

It can also lead to and a variety of other symptoms like increasing the size of an organ, or parts of the body.

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