Thursday, September 21, 2006

We screwed up website

BUDAPEST: Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's blunt admission he lied to win an election has sparked outrage, riots and a race to claim a website over his comments.

The Hungarian web portal Index reported that three licence requests for the ("we screwed up" in Hungarian) website had been submitted to the domain registration body ISZT.

Gyurcsany admitted in a taped speech that was leaked to the media that his Socialist-led government had lied to win general elections in April and that "we screwed up" a lot.

It was unclear whether the domain name would be approved as Hungarian domain licensing regulations stipulate that requests for manipulative or potentially outrageous domain names can be rejected.

The comments by Gyurcsany, who has refused to step down over the controversy, have triggered mass anti-government riots, the first such violence since communism ended in Hungary at the end of the 1980s.

Over 150 people were injured in Budapest, the Hungarian capital of two million.

More than 10,000 protesters took to the streets again on Tuesday, but police reported no violence.


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