Friday, September 21, 2007

Black pudding throwing championships

Spectators and competitors gathered at a pub in Greater Manchester on Sunday for the annual World Black Pudding Throwing Championship. The competition was being held at the Royal Oak in the village of Ramsbottom, near Bury, for the third time.

The event was saved in 2003 after the previous venue - the Corner Pin pub in nearby Stubbins - closed down. Contestants aim to knock some Yorkshire puddings off a ledge 20ft (six metres) up the pub wall with a black pudding.

The winner is the person who manages to dislodge the most Yorkshire puddings with the Lancashire delicacy. Black pudding is a traditional dish made of cooked pig blood, fat and rusk, encased in a length of intestine.

The tradition dates back to the 1850s and is believed to be a revival of the Lancashire-Yorkshire rivalry. Historically Bury, now part of Greater Manchester, was in Lancashire.

One legend says the event is based on a battle during the War of the Roses. Both armies are said to have run out of ammunition and instead threw food at each other.

This years winner was Paul Rudge from Southport with 4 puds.

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