Sunday, September 30, 2007

What every Prat Jedi wants

You know that hissing sound when Darth Vader breathes? It's not the breathing machine you've been led to believe. Really, what you are hearing is Anakin sighing because his boots hurt his feet. And Yoda doesn't talk funny because he's old and wise - his feet are sore! If only they had some nice cozy slippers to nestle their tootsies into. Good thing, at least, you can.

Slide your aching feet into some slippers of pure Jedi comfort. If your toes have white hair and are green and gnarled, perhaps the Yoda Slippers should be your choice. Or, if your toes are robotic and evil, maybe the Darth Vader Slippers are best for you. Of course, you could decide to have one foot on the path of evil and one foot on the path of good (that is, buy one of each and mix and match) - that's purely up to you. Regardless, your feet will be cozy and everyone who sees you will be jealous. Because that's what it really means to be a Jedi.

Jedi Slipper Sizing from ThinkGeek

* Small - Fits shoe sizes 7-8 (US Mens)
* Medium - Fits shoe sizes 9-10 (US Mens)
* Large - Fits shoe sizes 11-12 (US Mens)

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