Saturday, September 22, 2007

Queen wins raffle

A raffle prize of two bars of soap and bath oil has been won by The Queen. Organisers couldn’t believe it when a winning ticket was pulled out with “The Queen, Buckingham Palace” written on it.

A prankster was suspected and the stub was about to be thrown away, with a redraw for the £10 prize. But a fellow punter in the summer raffle at Fox Primary School in Notting Hill, West London, revealed that the ticket WAS genuine.

A courtier at Buckingham Palace has children at the school — and the Queen offered to buy some tickets after overhearing him selling them to other workers. Her name then went into the hat with thousands of others.

A source said: “I understand Her Majesty has been formally notified about her lucky win, but has not yet come to claim her prize.”

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