Friday, September 21, 2007

Cyclist with a goal

A football fan cycled 170 miles (274km) to watch his team play only to find himself locked out of the ground. Peter Woor, 57, a lifelong Cambridge United fan, pedalled for 12 hours to cheer on his team as they played Altrincham FC last Tuesday.

However, he got lost in Leicester and by the time Mr Woor got to the ground the gates were closed. "It's a sorry tale. I was really upset because of the 3-0 win I missed," said Mr Woor, of Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire.

Mr Woor started out at 07:45 am and got to the gates at 8:20pm.

He said: "They usually open up the gates at half-time but they must have kept them banged up in there - it's a rum place. No-one heard my shouts so I went to a pub across the road. The locals were amazed by my tale and bought me a pint."

Mr Woor, a lab worker at Addenbrooke's Hospital, finally got in with 20 minutes left but missed United's three goals.

He said: "I have cycled a total of 8,000 miles to 56 different grounds. I have been late before but I've never been locked out."

A spokesman for Altrincham FC said: "We have a late gate which closes approximately 20 minutes into the game and we open the exit gates 20 minutes before the game ends. However, we do have a bell on the main gate and someone watching the game keeps an eye on it. Mr Woor should have got in."

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