Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Have a go Granny

A pensioner who chased an armed robber with her handbag has been likened to Glasgow Airport hero John Smeaton by court prosecutors. Helen McAdam, 71, found herself in the middle of a raid on a security van as she popped into her local Tesco for a pint of milk.

The 5ft 4in grandmother swung into action after being threatened at gunpoint by 44-year-old William Carlin.

Carlin was jailed for eight years at the High Court in Glasgow. During Carlin's trial, Mrs McAdam described how she spotted a security guard being held up at gunpoint as he was about to load a cash machine with money.

The guard handed over a cash box containing £19,000. Mrs McAdam said she lost her temper and swore at the gunman when he threatened her and told her to get out of his way.

She said: "I tried to hit him with my handbag. I was angry. When I swung it he was away like a shot."

Mrs McAdam then chased Carlin and memorised the make and colour of his getaway car and a partial registration.

She handed the details in to Tesco before carrying on with her shopping.

When she returned home she told husband Danny: "You'll never believe what happened at the supermarket, a man stuck a gun on me. I never put that on my shopping list."

In court Mrs McAdam referred to the security guard who handed over the money box as "a wimp."

When asked by prosecutor Iain McSporran if she would do the same thing again if confronted by an armed man, she said: "I'd face the devil. I've raised a big family and I'm afraid of nobody."

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