Friday, June 13, 2008

Huge tumor removed

Doctors in Bangladesh have removed a tumour from a cycle rickshaw puller, which they say weighed 42kg (93lb). They say it is probably the largest one ever seen in the country.

The surgeon who removed the giant tumour told the BBC that it had been growing inside the abdomen of the patient for more than four years. It caused only slight pain to the man who had it. Despite the unusual growth of his stomach, he did not think of having it checked until this week.

When the tumour was removed on Tuesday, Professor Omar Ali said that both he and the patient were absolutely amazed at its size.

"It was bigger than a jackfruit," the doctor said - the tumour had grown 81cm (31 inches) long and 61cm (24 inches) in width. "We normally only see ones which weigh 20kg maximum."

But the tumour was not cancerous, and he said that the patient would soon be back on his feet.

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