Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rowing to England

Hopping the Pond will take on new meaning for four men who are trying to make the trans-Atlantic trek in a rowboat.

The team of rowers from the United Kingdom left New York in a 29-foot rowboat on course for their homeland. They hope to end up at a group of small islands off England's southwestern tip.

The boat is equipped with an electronic tracking system.

According to a Web site dedicated to the effort, as of Sunday night, the men had rowed 37 miles in the approximately 3,200-mile trip.

They're trying to break a century-old record of 55 days and 13 hours set by two Norwegian-Americans in 1896.

The rowers are expected to take turns, with two people rowing in two-hour shifts.

On board are 1,500 freeze-dried meals and a device that can make saltwater safe to drink.

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