Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lemonade stand robbed

A group of Terre Haute (Indianna) kids were squeezed out of cash from their lemonade stand and now a man is behind bars. The children were running a lemonade stand in the Farrington Grove neighborhood when things went sour.

Dominique Morefield and her friends set up their lemonade stand at the corner of Deming and Center streets. Police said 18-year-old Steven Tryon came up to the stand and asked for their money.

"The guy comes up and was just like, 'give me your money,'" said Morefield.

He grabbed it from the girl's hands and took off running.

"I was just like, shocked. It was my immediate reaction to chase after him," said Morefield.

Morefield chased after Tryon and called police on her cell phone.

Tryon ran into a house down the street where police spent more than 45 minutes trying to coax him out. When he finally came out, police arrested him. The kids were able to identify him because they said he came to their street corner earlier that same day and tried to sell them a knife.

Tryon was taken to the Vigo County Jail. He's due in court Tuesday. He is facing a felony robbery charge.

The kids will be getting their money back, all $17.50, but they said they're just glad Tryon was caught.

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