Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Son turns his dead dad into a teapot

John Lowndes has no problem stirring up happy memories of his dad after putting his ashes in an urn with a difference.

He found that when Ian died 10 years ago aged 75, one of the things he missed most was their tradition of putting the world to rights over a nice cuppa.

So he brewed up the idea of giving him leaf eternal by having his ashes mixed with clay to make a teapot.

John, 54, said: "Those cups of tea with dad were special and when he died I really missed them."

John, of Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, approached local potter Neil Richardson who made two teapots - in case one breaks. John added: "Dad would understand. The only thing more appropriate would have been a pint glass."

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yellowdog granny said...

maybe i can convince the people at the dublin dr. pepper plant to put my ashes in a couple of bottles ....nah...probably not.