Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Driving like I always do" .... Erratically

A 34-year-old saleswoman was caught driving down a Swiss motorway while she was using her laptop computer and chatting on a handheld mobile phone, police in north-eastern Switzerland say.

The driver said she was unaware of any wrongdoing and responded that she was "driving like I always do", police in the canton of St Gallen said in a statement.

A police patrol pulled her over on Wednesday afternoon after they saw her car zig-zagging along the A3 motorway near the town of Murg.

The woman was remanded to magistrate's court because of her "unreasonable behaviour", police said.


yellowdog granny said...

oh please someone send this goofy bitch to jail..

dom said...

Good job they didn't catch her 5 minutes earlier as she put on make-up and inserted a tampon !