Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Passengers travelling with low-fare airline Ryanair will be able to use mobile phones on board from next year, it was announced today. It's estimated calls will cost $2.30/minute per made call and around $2.60/min for recieved calls.

The Irish no-frills carrier has completed a deal with communications company OnAir to enable mobile communications on all Ryanair's Boeing 737 jets.
It means passengers travelling from Edinburgh to Dublin and Shannon airports will be able to use a mobile and a BlackBerry on board.

All of Ryanair's fleet of more than 200 aircraft should be equipped to offer the mobile service during 2008. Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said today: "This is another revolutionary passenger service initiative from Ryanair.

"In addition to offering our customers the lowest air fares and youngest fleet of aircraft, Ryanair will soon enable passengers to use their mobile phones and electronic communications devices in the air, just as they do on the ground."

He added that the new initiative would allow the airline to reduce costs and to celebrate Ryanair is offering one million seats for £9.99 before taxes and charges.

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