Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fined for selling cans

Canada - Another Prince Edward Island retailer has been slapped with a fine for violating the province’s can ban. Tim MacKay, the owner of Kensington’s Sutton Kwik-Way, says he was handed a $220 ticket on March 4 for selling canned energy drinks.

Errol Waugh, another town businessman, had 9,780 cans seized from his store earlier this month and faces a fine of $1,020. Under provincial law it’s illegal to sell, offer for sale or display flavoured, carbonated beverages in non-refillable containers.
The provincial government hopes to have new regulations lifting the can ban in effect by May 1, although the bill has yet to be approved by the legislature.

The can ban was designed to protect Prince Edward Island from littering, keep it clean for tourists and protect local bottling jobs.

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