Thursday, March 06, 2008

Return to sender - with a fine

A letter of love sent by a French 13-year-old to her late mother, addressed to "Paradise Street, Heaven," was returned to sender with a postage fine slapped on, a report said Thursday.

On the second anniversary of her mother's death the young girl from central France, named as Anais, wanted to send her a "message of love, like a bottle in the ocean," according to the Journal de Saone-et-Loire newspaper.

But two days after she slipped it into a local postbox, marked with her mother's name but no stamp, her missive was returned as a mistaken address -- along with a 1.35 euro (two-dollar) fine for unpaid postage.

Asked to explain the mishap, the French post office said there really was a town in the area called Heaven -- "Ciel" in French -- but that the street was unknown.

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