Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pot luck

DENVER, Colorado – Monday began like any other for Nick Rowlingson, but the moment he stepped off an RTD bus, he knew this day would be different - it would be very lucky.

Usually, Rowlingson drives to work but with a lot of snow in the forecast he decided to take the bus. When he stepped off the bus, he noticed something on the ground next to a bench. It was still dark in the early morning, and he could barely make it out.

When he leaned down he saw it crystal clear: a pot of gold.

It was a plastic pot filled with $50 in gold-colored Sacagawea dollar coins, and an extra $3.17 (the date).

There was also a note:

"Happy St. Patrick's Day ... Because there is not enough magic in the world. Because I have many wonderful things in my life, and some of them feel like magic to me. Because I used to wish that would find a pot of gold. Because I would have been thrilled to find this. Have a great day."

"It was so cool the way I found them (the coins)," said Rowlingson. "I'm going to try and pay it forward somehow."

Rowlingson also said he would try and keep his luck going.

"I am going to go get one lottery ticket today," he said.

The mystery donor of the pot of gold has not come forward. Rowlingson is convinced it could have been a leprechaun.

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