Friday, March 07, 2008

"I was stupid" sign

A Florida teenager faced an unusual punishment after police caught him driving more than 100 mph. Adam Clark was pulled over going 107 mph in a 55-mph zone; neither the police nor his mother were pleased.

Adam's mother, Heidi Wisniewski, not only took his car away, but also made him a sign to show outside of his school every morning and every afternoon. He was forced to hold a sign reading, "I was stupid. I drove over 100 mph and got caught. Thank God! I could have killed me and my friends."

Adam said he got some strange looks and laughs from classmates at Orlando's Merritt Island High School, but said he accepts his punishment. Despite the humiliation, he said he isn't mad at his mother.

"She was mad," Adam said. "She gave me the silent treatment. But I think I deserve my car getting taken away and everything."

Other students laughed, but said they also understood the punishment. "This kid here, he's lucky," said Avery Brinson, a student at Merritt Island High School. "He's lucky the cops saw him speed before he did something bad that he'd really regret."

Wisniewski said her son would be in front of the school before and after school for a month, and added that she didn't think the punishment is over the line.

"I love my son very much," she said. "I think more parents need to be tougher on their children."

Most students agreed with her, and said the punishment made them think. "Well, people should definitely think about it, I mean, because it's true,? one student said. ?It happens all the time.?

Students said a month of embarrassment was far better than the alternative.

"I think that's a lot better than, you know, killing somebody," said Kamron Clark, a student at Merritt Island High School.

Adam said the punishment worked. "I've learned my lesson," Adam said.

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