Thursday, March 06, 2008

Howls of outrage

The curtain is set to fall on Dinky the singing dingo, who has been serenading tourists from all over the world for years, as his owner plans to sell his roadhouse in outback Australia and take the canine with him.

Dinky's ability to howl along to piano tunes has turned his home in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory into a tourist attraction and has raised thousands of dollars for charity with his performances, local media reported.

His owner, Jim Coteriell, who saved the dingo from a baiting programme eight years ago, has decorated his inn with clips and photos testifying to Dinky's fame.

"He loves Fuer Elise. When people start playing it, he pricks his ears up and he's ready to go with it," Coteriell told Reuters television.

"This is all self-taught stuff. He did it because he wanted to do it. I did not drag him up there and say 'you are going to do it'."

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