Monday, March 10, 2008

Men in tights record

More than a thousand people helped to smash the official world record for the number of people dressed as Robin Hood in one place at one time. Record breakers clad in tights and tunics gathered at Nottingham Castle to pay tribute to the city's most famous outlaw.

A total of 1116 people took part, almost double the previous world record of 606.

Nottingham Castle manager Dave Green said: "There is a fantastic atmosphere today. We are delighted. We had no idea how the attempt would go, but to get more than a thousand people involved is brilliant. It is a real achievement. It was all about bringing people together and we have certainly done that. Nottingham is obviously very proud of Robin Hood and we wanted to show how proud. There were people from further afield here too. One man came over from Holland specifically for this event, and we had visitors from Australia and Canada."

Nottingham Castle must now submit evidence of the event to Guinness World Records, before it is officially declared the record holder.

All participants wore a hat with a feather, a green or brown tunic and green or brown trousers or tights.

The event was organised to coincide with the Robin Hood Up Close exhibition at the castle until April 20.

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