Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blind driver busted again

Traffic police in the southern Estonian city of Tartu have again caught a notorious blind and drunk driver, the local police press service said on Tuesday.

Kristjan Gradolf, 20, became a real headache for the city's traffic cops last year after he was caught behind the wheel three times and even hefty fines and five days behind bars did not put him off driving. This time he will face criminal charges as a repeat offender.

Gradolf apparently enjoys driving and is according to him "good at it."

The car owner, who was with Gradolf in the vehicle giving him instructions, will face a $1500 fine.

Gradolf was first caught on August 5, 2007, while driving erratically in Tartu. He only confessed to being blind after he could not find the tube to give a breath test.

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