Friday, May 30, 2008

International Poncho Day

Residents of Nobsa, a township located in Boyaca province in Colombia gathered on Sunday to celebrate International Poncho Day and leap into the record books by making what they claim is the biggest poncho ever made. The Mayor of Nobsa was convinced the town had a world record on its hands.

For two months dozens of artisans participated in making the poncho that would be exhibited at Nobsa's cathedral as an example of their work.

The huge poncho weighs 1,500 pounds

According to local authorities, the idea of making the biggest poncho came about as they wanted to honor the work artisans do in the township and to strengthen their economy, which is based on wool products.

And it wasn't just the locals who were wearing them - all day dogs, cats, sheep and even parrots were seen adorned in the traditional outfit.

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