Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cheerleader cover-up

NEW DELHI-- The Washington Redskins cheerleaders were brought in to show India's cricket fans how to shake their pompoms -- but not everyone was impressed.

The New Delhi team said Wednesday it was switching its cheerleaders for a band of drummers. Mumbai politicians have forced theirs to cover up, saying their performances were lewd and not appropriate for India's traditional culture.

The cheerleaders were flown in to give a touch of glamor to the Indian Premier League -- a newly launched cricket tournament that brings together the sport's biggest international stars, million-dollar (euro) contracts, big business and celebrities.

Police vowed to keep scantily clad dancers out of public view. "We will take action," said Mumbai police officer Ramrao Wagh. "The government has said it will not allow obscenities on the field." He did not elaborate.

In the end a compromise of sorts was reached.

The away team cheerleaders still wore their tartan miniskirts -- but they donned black full-body stockings underneath. The Mumbai dancers wore flowing, ankle-length blue pants.

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