Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charlie "conehead" Potter

Charlie Thomas plonked a traffic cone on his head to be like Harry Potter – and had to be cut free by firemen when it stuck fast. Charlie, three, thought it was a wizard idea to wear a hat like his boy magician hero.

But when he dashed over to show parents Louisa and Martin they realised the cone was jammed tight.

Louisa, 34, and car sprayer Martin, 36, of Cullompton, Devon couldn’t tug it off or ease him free with soap. So tearful Charlie had to wait 45 minutes until 6 firemen came to the rescue. They then took another half an hour to remove the cone with cutting tools and pliers.

Bank worker Louisa said: “Charlie loves Harry and when he put the cone on he was so pleased with himself. But when we couldn’t get it off, it was a bit scary. We shouldn’t have laughed but he looked so comical, even though he was upset. The firemen got him out by pouring water down the cone and cutting the rim. He looks sorry for himself in the photo and won’t thank me when he sees it in future.”

Charlie, who turned three on Saturday, had been flying a kite in a field with his parents and sisters Emily, eight, and four-year-old Isabella when he found the cone – but ended up wailing: “It’s stuck!”

Still, he was left with one bonus from his spell of bad luck – a red mark just like Harry’s lightning-bolt scar!

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Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

omg, thats too funny. Scary that he had to wait 45 mintues for help to arrive...poor little thing (parents too).