Sunday, October 14, 2007

NZ Pub arrives in London

EX-PAT New Zealanders mourning the World Cup loss have been able to drown their sorrows patriotically after a pub with 75 kegs of a local brew arrived in London on a container ship.
The MV Lida arrived this week at Canary Wharf after 76 days at sea travelling from New Zealand as part of a promotion by Dunedin brewery Speight’s.

Built out of two 40ft Containers, the authentic Speight’s Alehouse is a fully functional pub containing operational beer taps, beer cooling systems, 42” Plasma television and Sony Playstation.

More than 2000 keen drinkers applied to be one of five punters making the voyage.

The boat travelled almost 25,000km, stopping in Western Samoa, Panama, New York and the Bahamas before arriving in London.

The pub was purpose-built in six weeks by Christchurch company 3 Bald Men inside two five-tonne containers and will stay moored at the wharf for two weeks before setting up in a central London site.

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