Monday, October 29, 2007

Vagrant Lenny inspires song

A song about a homeless man who lives in a bus shelter has been released to raise money to get him off the streets before Christmas. "Lenny" who has been homeless for 29 years, occupies a bus stop in Lancaster Road, Enfield, north London, by day and sleeps in the back of a car at night.

The 45-year-old inspired Lenny's Song and he also features on the track. Music producer CP BAZzZMAN, who wrote the song after meeting Lenny, hopes to raise £4,000 for rehousing costs.

Lenny endured a turbulent childhood, ending up in the prison system at the age of 14, and ended up on the streets when he became an alcoholic and was rejected by his family.

CP BAZzZMAN said he stopped to talk to Lenny about six weeks ago as he was driving home. "Every night I used to see this hunched figure at the bus stop, alone in the dark and one night I stopped to talk to him. I couldn't believe society had allowed this man to slip through the net."

He then decided to put a track together, using Lenny's life as the inspiration, to raise money to get him into a house.


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