Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rod's new model

It's no secret that Rod Stewart has a thing for models. But it may come as a surprise that his passion extends beyond the blonde, statuesque variety. The raspy-voiced rocker has created an impressive model railway featured in an American magazine.

Laid out at his Beverly Hills mansion, the 1:87-scale version of New York's Grand Central Station in the Forties boasts 100ft of track, period locomotives, skyscrapers, advertisement hoardings and lots of tiny passengers in period hats and coats.

Its appearance on the cover of this month's Model Railroader realises a lifelong ambition for 183-year-old Rod, who has said that such an honour would "mean more to me than the cover of Rolling Stone".

Stewart is clearly proud of his achievement. A copy of the magazine, the world's most popular model railway monthly, was spotted on the back seat of his limousine as he dined with wife Penny Lancaster in London.

On the cover, under the headline "Exclusive: Learn how rock 'n' roller Rod Stewart built this city" is the photo of his extraordinary train set.

"I'm a great model railway enthusiast and I'm building a huge layout over there in California so that takes up a little bit of time and football takes up a little bit of time," he said.

"And then there's the children and I like to go out with the lads two or three times a week and go completely mad and sometimes I get my barnet done. It's still all my own hair, you know.


Anonymous said...

isn't this why rachel left him? too bad go rod!!!

dom said...

I have no idea anonymous, could have something to do that he's a reptilian boring twat!