Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not in our pub!

Members of an armed gang who tried to storm a pub were forced to flee when punters threw bottles and chairs at them.

The gunmen burst into The Beaufoy Bar in Lavender Hill, London in an early morning raid brandishing weapons and demanding money.

But landlord David Thompson, 49, said his drinkers refused to be intimidated.

He said: "The regulars were just like, 'This is our place. We're not having this'.

"As they came towards the bar someone picked up a chair and hit one of them. One of the gang fired his gun and we heard it go pop - and that's when we knew it was an imitation. Then people started throwing chairs and bottles and about 30 people got around the youths.

"They had come in the front door and left out of it as well - pretty quickly."

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