Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turn left at the idiot

There was confusion at Coventry's Lady Godiva half-marathon when three of the race leaders took a wrong turning.

Raymond Tonui, of Kenya, won the race in one hour, three minutes.

Despite he and two others being guided the wrong way, giving them a slight advantage, officials said it was not enough to affect the end result.

They were already too far ahead to be caught, but their times will not be official. The event raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

The city's lord mayor, councillor Dave Batten, said: "It's been a marvellous event, all the people that's turned up today, all the opportunities for raising money for the various charities.

"It's been absolutely tremendous - really good news for Coventry."

The city's fun run, which had previously been put off due to poor weather in the summer, also finally took place.

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