Monday, October 29, 2007


Tempe, Arizona is trying to block a Halloween-themed bar after learning its owner suggested on a forum he wasn’t telling the city the real name of the business — Drunkenstein’s. Kurt Havelock was trying to get a liquor license for a bar/restaurant called The Haunted House, a procedure that the City Council usually passes quickly.

But before a Thursday vote on the license, a resident passed out copies of the forum to City Council members that obviously irritated the elected officials. Under the name “Head Noisician,” Havelock wrote in the blog “I’m pretty sure the city council wouldn’t approve of Drunkenstein’s ... the actual name above the bar.”

On, the “Head Noisician” described the place as a restaurant, Halloween bar, Irish coffee house and music/arts venue that would include “ear-piercing death metal solos.”

Havelock tried to assure the city he would only post a Drunkenstein’s sign someplace inside. Councilwoman Barb Carter moved to approve the license. The council chambers fell silent. An alternate motion against it passed 6-1, with Carter dissenting.

But the bar could still open. The council’s vote is merely advisory. The final decision rests with the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. It’s not uncommon for that group to approve a license despite municipal objections.

Havelock is trying to open the bar at 6463 S. Rural Road. His posting said he’d welcome all kinds of music and entertainment. He wants a night of “rockin’ & wrastlin’” with Kamala the Ugandan Giant, a singer and member of World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as the WWE.

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