Friday, January 19, 2007

The Brooklyn wall

NEW YORK -- A divorce battle playing out in New York City has turned a Brooklyn home into something out of the Cold War.

Chana and Simon Taub can't agree on which of them should move out of their house. So they're both living there -- separated by a wall.

The white drywall partition was put up a few weeks ago, on orders from a judge. It divides the living room from the staircase on the bottom floor of the three-story house.

She gets the top floor, where the bedrooms are, along with the kitchen on the second floor. He gets the living room on the first floor and the dining room on the second floor.

So that they don't run into each other on the second floor, the door between the dining room and the kitchen is barricaded on both sides.

One of their children is staying with Dad. Three others are staying with Mom.

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