Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DJ buys jilted bride's dress

Jilted bride Emma Knight has received an unexpected wedding present - £5,000 from BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans.

The 41-year-old nurse hit the headlines for going ahead with her big day despite being stood up by her fiancé a fortnight earlier.

She put an ad in her local newspaper under the headline "Jilted Bride" to sell her £1,500 dress, plus bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's cufflinks.

Evans invited her onto his Drivetime show for a chat - and promptly bought the dress for £5,000.

The DJ told Miss Knight: "I have an idea for the dress. What about if we buy the dress off you? We will call it the Drivetime Dress. If any women who are a size 14 want to get married, they can borrow it from us. We'll be like a hire shop.

"We will give you £5,000 for it because you had a nightmare of a day."

A delighted Miss Knight, a mental health nurse from Portland, Dorset, said: "For that money I'll throw in the shoes for free!"

Afterwards Evans told listeners it was a genuine offer - and reassured them he would be paying for the dress out of his own pocket.

"We've just bought the dress and it's an official real deal, I promise you," he said. "It's not licence payers' money, don't worry about that."

Explaining the gesture, he said: "She spent £15,000 on her wedding - that's all her life savings - and of course it never happened. And she's a nurse. So that's the end of that."


Anonymous said...

i hope she threw a party with the food...men are such shits..sorry dom...not you...SOME men are such shits

dom said...

I agree , so are some women ... thankfully I found Debbie :) shame this dress wont fit her .... they're lending it out for free ... if it needs to be taken in from a 14 it has to be returned as a 14