Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pant tantrum

An angry husband who threw old clothes into the garden and set fire to them because he couldn't find any clean underpants accidentally burnt his home down.

Ivo Jerbic, 55, from Prikraj, near Zagreb, told police he had lost his temper after failing to find any clean underpants in a closet full of old clothes.

He had thrown them all in the garden and set fire to them.

He told police: "My wife never throws anything out, I just lost my temper."

But the fire spread to the house which burned to the ground.

Local news agency Hina reported that Jerbic could end up in jail for up to eight years for putting other family members in danger, even though no one was injured.


Debbie said...

This sounds just like a man. What a big baby!

Why don't they just arrest her too for not having his pants clean... pfft.

I also think its funny how you call underwear, pants. (giggle)

dom said...

What an awful wife ! Fancy not cleaning his clothes ... silly bint !

I think it's funny how you call trousers, underwear!