Saturday, January 27, 2007

Legless Sasquatch

Thieves tried to dismember a large carving of Big Foot stolen from a Washington State chiropractor.

Police in Federal Way found the 400-pound statue a block from Tom Payne's office, the Tacoma News-Tribune reported. The ankles had been sawn through but the carving was otherwise unharmed.

A young man and a juvenile confessed to the theft, police said.

"I'm glad we got him before they cut him anymore," Payne said. "We're relieved to have him back at the office."

Payne finds the statue he calls Sasquatch Sam useful as well as ornamental. The 8-foot tall carving has become a local landmark and helps people find the driveway to his office.


yellowdog granny said...

why do i think maybe a combination of drugs and alcohol was involved.???

dom said...

No doubt !